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Malta Walks for Water 2011
Walk with them!

Naima lives in the Jinja district of Uganda. For many years she had to get up well before dawn to make the long journey to fetch water for cleaning and cooking for her family before going to school. It was difficult for her to get water especially in the dry season when the river bed was dry. But now, thanks to SOS Malta and its partners, that long journey is a thing of the past. SOS Malta and its supporters raised money that helped in the construction of wells and boreholes and the collection of rainwater from rooftops using rainwater harvesting techniques. Naima now has water right next to her in her own village and at her school as well. She can fetch water anytime she needs it and no longer misses lessons as a result.

Naima's story is typical of many children living in developing countries. There is a great need for wells and boreholes and rainwater harvesting systems in many villages in the rural areas. In 2011, SOS Malta and its partners are planning to implement more water projects in villages in the south of Uganda, to provide rural communities with clean and safe drinking water.

By taking part in Malta Walks for Water 2011, you can help provide sustainable and clean water to rural villagers in Uganda. As well as greatly reducing the risk of children contracting waterborne diseases, water projects will serve as an educational boost as children will not have to miss lessons due to the availability of water.